This Restaurant is Serving South Africa's First Cannabis Oil Sushi Roll

Looks like wasabi isn’t the only green stuff we’re putting on sushi now.

You’ve heard of the CBD oil-topped pizza, now get ready for something to take your ‘sushi with the girls’ Instastory to a higher level: the CANNAfornia roll is a thing. Blowfish, based in Table View, has launched South Africa’s first cannabis oil sushi roll and we are living for the innovation.

Blowfish takes pride in the fact that they’ve been serving sushi for 18 years, before there was a sushi spot on every block in South African cities. When CBD oil was declared legal earlier this year they knew they wanted to be the first to drizzle it on a serving of sushi (and use the name ‘CANNAfornia roll’ which is just *chef’s kiss*). Their menu now includes two dishes that are served with a cannabis oil-infused dressing: the CANNAfornia roll and the CANNAfornia poke bowl.


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The CANNAfornia roll has a filling of salmon and prawn, complemented with a lick of cream cheese and topped with avocado. This showstopper sushi roll is accompanied by strawberry mayo infused with a contemporary twist.

The CANNAfornia Poke Bowl consists of sushi rice laced with a sweet chilli and caviar mayo with a hint of cannabis oil and topped with salmon, edamame beans, pickled ginger, strawberries, cucumber and avocado.

cannabis oil sushi

Blowfish Restaurant

So can you delete your dealer’s number and live off CBD-oil pizza and sushi instead? Not quite. Eating CBD oil won’t make you feel stoned, but there are a number of health benefits. People take it to help with anxiety, sleep issues and physical pain, but mainly it’s just a fun alternative to regular old wasabi-infused soya sauce.

The restaurant also has a variety of seafood choices that *aren’t* drizzled in CBD oil, plus a killer view of Table Mountain and half-price sushi on Wednesdays.

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