The Best Comfort Food to Keep You Warm This Winter

Cold weather = comfort-food time

Cold weather = comfort-food time. The cold, dark days of winter really make us want to reach for the cheese and carbs – and it makes us feel good, so why fight it? Here are our top picks for food that warm you from the inside out, to suit any level of cooking skills:

When you don’t feel like cooking (like, at all)

If you can’t bring yourself to leave your spot by the heater to brave the freezing kitchen tiles to do some cooking, just order in. Note: you will have to eventually get up from under your blanket to pay the delivery guy, soz.

Cheese, pasta, tomato and meat: no-one does comfort food better than the Italians.

Browse through your favourite Mexican or Indian restaurants on UberEats for a spicy dish or a sweat-inducing curry to warm you up.

When you’re feeling lazy but are still open to doing a bit of cooking

Ready meals or semi-prepared meals that just require a bit of microwaving or a touch of stirring on a pot are life-savers on days where you want to cut the cooking and get straight to getting cosy on the couch.

Souped-up Sunday lunch with new mug and PnP butternut soup! #new #readymade #winter #soup #picknpay

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You’re all ready to make soup – your NBF this winter, but making a soup from scratch takes a pretty long time and that’s precious time you could be spending making a hot water bottle or putting on more pairs of socks. Ready-made soups are everywhere RN and they’re delicious. Make it feel like you’re being fancy by buying some croutons too, or pan-frying bread and butter to make your own.

It’s PI Day, so it’s ok to have more than 3.14 slices. #Justsaying.

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A warm slice of pie always goes down well on a chilly day, and don’t you love it when it tastes like a home-cooked meal but all you had to do was bang it in the oven for half an hour?

When you’re in the mood to create your own comfort food from scratch
If you love cold weather and the elaborate meals that come with it, then making food in winter is probably your happy time (plus, you get to stand in front of the warm oven while you wait for everything to cook).

A big shout-out to Instagram foodies who actually include the recipe in their caption so you get to try and make that delicious-looking meal yourself.

Who said Sunday roasts are only for Sundays? Whatever your preferred combination of roasted ingredients, it’s sure to remind you of family dinners and lazy afternoons with friends. Great for sharing but even better if it’s just for you ‘cos you get leftovers for the next few days, and no-one is around to judge the amount of roast potatoes you dish up for yourself.

Enjoy getting cosy with your cooking.

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