5 Cocktail Bars You NEED to Visit

Delicious cocktails comin’ up

We love a good cocktail bar. There’s no better place (winter or summer) to visit with a group of your most-loved friends than a fantastic cocktail bar. Whether you’re celebrating a new relationship or even a break-up, birthday or anniversary, they just seem to hit the spot.

Cocktail bars are the cherry that make a city fun and frivolous, and the cities that are blessed enough to have a few gems should be grateful. It’s not always about the superb drinks, though – it’s also about the ambience and how the bar makes you feel when you enter.

Here are five that you absolutely have to go to at least once in your life:


Orphanage Cocktail Emporium

The name of this popular cocktail spot may conjure up Oliver Twist-like imagery in your mind, but don’t despair, this place is a sure thing. Named in homage to an orphanage that opened across the road in 1919 (but has since closed), it sure does have a story to tell. Located in the heart of the CBD, locals and tourists alike swear by it, mostly because the bartenders take their time to make really dope drinks, and want to make the experience a good one for you. With cocktail names like Knicker Dropper (black-bottle whisky, raspberry jam, fresh lemon, egg white and sugar ), Brimstone And Fire (rum, citrus, cloves, caramel and syrup) and Pornstar Martini (vanilla vodka, passionfruit, fresh lime and sugar, served with a shot of sparkling wine), leave your modesty at the door. With a live DJ, couches you can book out for your own squad party and very decent food, you’ll be coming back again and again.

Outrage of Modesty

They want to ‘redefine Cape Town cocktail culture’. Quite a tall ask, but one they’re meeting with aplomb. Nestled in cobbly Shortmarket Street, home of the fabulous Shormarket Club restaurant as well as the very popular live music bar The House Of Machines, this bar is next-level excellent. Make sure you book – we don’t want any tears at the door.

Tjing Tjing

Hello, Tjing Tjing Rooftop Bar. Key word: ROOFTOP. This trendy spot, just off Long Street in the CBD, is where you’ll find Capetonians enjoying most of their weekend evenings. I also find it incredibly sexy that the bar is located on the roof of a 200-year-old building! With cocktails like the Ginger Ninja (Stolichnaya vodka, ginger, pineapple, lime, bitters and cherry liquer), Asian Persuasion (Bacardi rum, honey, lime, chilli and mint), your next girls’ night out is sorted!


The City of Gold is synonymous with cocktail bars. It really is impossible to find anything terrible because they’ve pretty much got it down to a fine science.

The Landmark Cocktail Bar

If you’re serious about your cocktails, get yourself to The Landmark Cocktail Bar in Bryanston, aka The Home of the Crafted Cocktail. Landmark boasts the finest wines, craft beers and cocktails around. First-date location? Check.

Six Cocktail Bar

This restaurant and bar has been featured on many good cocktail-bar lists, just like this one! Set in charming Melville, the bar is all about making the customers happy. Because of this, Happy Hour is seven-hours long! Yep, it starts at 12pm and ends at 7pm! You also have a broad selection of cocktails to choose from, so you’re bound to find something that’s just right for you. What are you waiting for?

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