4 Times You Absolutely Need Food Delivered to Your Door

Because a girl’s gotta eat!

Below are four situations (which, let’s be honest, we find ourselves in on the reg) that call for UberEats.

1 When you’re chasing a deadline but can’t concentrate because you’re hungry AF

Working through lunch never looked better. ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ?: @sweatinnike

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We’ve all had days where an hour away from our desks would literally make it impossible to meet that deadline that just won’t go away.

Just because you’re having a day from hell, doesn’t mean your tummy should, too! With UberEats, you can order whatever you want in just a few minutes without having to leave your office.

2 When you forget about the girls’ night you set up a while ago – at your place!

Who’s on your ultimate #Friendsgiving guest list? Tag them below! ??

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So, remember that girls’ night in you organised a while ago? It’s tonight, at your place – and you haven’t prepared a thing.? It’s a bit too late to fake a deadly contagious tummy bug and you can have the ‘why do I always get myself into such situations?’ conversation with yourself a little later.

Depending on your location, UberEats delivers in less than an hour and, unlike if you were the one cooking, everyone can order and actually enjoy their favourites.

3 When your team puts in the extra hours

When your team stays late with you to make sure that all deadlines are met, sometimes (well, most of the time) a simple ‘thank you’ just won’t cut it. How about treating them to supper for their hard work? Food literally makes everything better so you might even get forgiven for adding four extra hours to everyone’s work day.

With UberEats, you can get something that everyone will appreciate at an affordable price.

4 When you’re away on business, but still want to enjoy dinner with bae

Every #GirlBoss knows that unexpected work trips can pop up at any time, and that missing out on quality time spent with bae can put unnecessary strain your relationship – strain that nobody needs.

Avoid an unexpected breakup and staying up late singing along to Whitney Houston’s depressing music by setting up a video dinner date with your SO. Order your favourite meal from UberEats so that you not only slay your career but your relationship too. #winning.

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