3 Genius Ways to Make Your Summer Party Sparkle

Bring a little bling to your next girls night in. ✨

It’s a scientifically proven fact that summer is more fun.

Okay, okay, maybe science hasn’t quite gotten around to this much-needed study yet. But nobody can deny that summer is the season of highs, both in temperatures and spirits. We’re talking beach, bae and, of course, the best time to party.

And what better to help you ring in the silly season than an ice cold Bernini? Inspired by the Italian attitude to life, this fizzy favourite is a ready-to-drink naturally sweet grape frizzante, perfect for cooling you down when things get hot.

Ready to have your most glam summer yet? Here’s the ultimate guide to adding that extra sparkle to your party, with a little help from Bernini.

1. Get Creative With Your Dranks

It takes two to mango. Summer is berry nice. Okay, now that that’s out of our system, let’s get to the drink recipes, featuring yummy mango and delicious fresh berries!

The Bernini Mango Sunrise and Frizzante Float cocktails are both quick, easy summer drinks, guaranteed to quench your thirst and glam up your party.

2. Do Your Guests a (Dazzling) Party Favour

Every hostess with the most-ess knows that a good party favour is key to raising the bar for your bash. Bernini’s version is tasty, elegant, and dipped in glitter:

3. Make “A (Sparkly!) Lolly to Make You Jolly”

It’s a cry synonymous with summer all across the beaches of Cape Town. But Bernini offers a more sophisticated, and dare we say much more festive, version with their gorge sparkle popsicles. Here’s the super easy how-to:

Sparkle on, and have your best summer ever with Bernini!

For more information visit www.bernini.co.za or connect with them on social media:

Facebook: @BerniniSA

Twitter: @BerniniSA

Instagram: @BerniniSA

This post was sponsored by Bernini

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