7 Iconic Selfie Poses You Need To Add To Your Repertoire

Sometimes a classic selfie just won’t do

It’s National Selfie Day, and what better way to spend it than by actually putting away your phone and thinking about how our generation’s obsession with selfies is indicative of our narcissistic nature which will ultimately lead to our downfall. LMAO JK let’s spend the whole day taking photos of our own faces.

Do you never post selfies because you just ‘aren’t that vain’ (i.e. you really want to but you haven’t learned your angles yet)? Or are you wanting to take your selfies up a notch from basic to banging? Or are you a selfie veteran who could always use a novel way to show off a beautiful face? We’ve gathered 7 of the most iconic selfie poses RN for you to try out on this special day:

The Foot-On-The-Bathroom-Sink Selfie

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It’s 2018; a simple and classic bathroom mirror selfie just won’t cut it anymore. Sure, your face and top looks cute but how is anyone supposed to know what’s going on down below? You could be wearing jorts and a pair of high heel Crocs for all we know. Pop your foot up on the sink and watch the flame emojis roll in.

The Thirst Trap

A few years ago you probably wouldn’t have dreamed of posting tasteful nudes on the internet. But the times they are a changing and now it’s totally acceptable to share photos of you semi-naked, pulling the sides of your panties as high as they can go. It’s the perfect selfie for those who get their source of energy from people posting heart-eye emojis on their photos.

The Cute Little Mirror Selfie

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A timeless mirror selfie is great ‘cos it takes minimal effort plus you get to show off your phone case too. But if you want to take your mirror selfie game up a level try this one. You will need some slightly ruffled bed sheets as a backdrop, a small, aesthetically pleasing mirror and a good fifteen minutes spent practising not getting your hand in the shot.

The Sitting Down Belfie

Remember when belfies (it stands for butt selfies, keep up) first became a thing and we all put our backs out trying to get it right? The selfie gods heard your prayers and made up a new way to subtly show the world your ass: the sitting down belfie. Put your butt on the sink (you know, where people wash their hands), twist slightly and take your pic. I think it was Einstein who came up with the theory that the more your twist your body away from the mirror the more your butt will be pressed upwards by the sink, thus allowing small-butted girls everywhere to live their best catfish lives.

The Arty Lighting Selfie

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Everyone knows the secret to the perfect photograph is good lighting (also a flawless face and an iPhone X). You don’t have to buy a ring flash though because the greatest lighting source is free: the sun. A selfie taken in full-on sunlight in the late afternoon is always going to be gold (literally). Those who didn’t pack suncream, or who don’t want their mom to shout at them for staring directly into the sun, can go a more arty route. Use dappled sunlight from under a tree, sun streaming in through horizontal blinds, or even just that Instagram filter that makes it look like you’re trapped in a dark closet with just a small rainbow streak of sunlight being let through (?!). Basically whatever light source is going to make your highlighter pop the most.

The Selfie While Wearing A Face Mask

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You’re always posting such perfect selfies but sometimes it’s nice to show the fans (i.e. your three closest friends who will comment ‘YAAAS’ on literally whatever you post) that you can be down-to-earth. Also, if you hold the packaging the mask came in next to your face people will totally think you’re an influencer. As long as you’re not using one of those creepy AF white sheet masks, a face mask can look extremely cute because they frame your best features (your eyes and lips). Top tip: if you’re white, don’t post a selfie of you wearing a charcoal face mask. Just trust me on this one.

The Full On Face Beat

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This selfie is taken for no other reason than to flex your incredible make up skills. All it takes to perfect is slightly tilting your face, placing your hand on the side of your face and casually running your fingers through your hair, and thousands of rands to spend on Fenty products and shipping fees.

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