See what went down at UCT and WITS as we celebrated our vaginas and demystified vagina taboos

#LoveYourVzone popped off! ūüĎŹūüŹľ

vagina taboos Libresse

Even though for two billion women and girls worldwide periods are a monthly reality, we’re still encountering vagina taboos.

Our partnership with Libresse was created to celebrate vaginas in all their glory and put the spotlight on V-Zones with no filter or shame. Our #LoveYourVzone campaign was loud and proud so we took our activation to WITS and UCT campuses during orientation week and things popped off!

Watch the COSMO V-zone video now 

#LoveYourVzone Campus Activation 

At both campuses, the activation space was engaging, honest and so much fun. Girls and guys received a free branded tote bag with artwork created by local illustrator, Lambi. Inside eat tote was a free COSMO mag and Libresse sanitary products which are designed for a fresh feeling. 

COSMO V-Zone tote bag

The Libresse FreshProtect range combines SecureFit¬ģ technology which fits your body shape to prevent leaks and AirTech¬ģ which is a new ultra-breathable top layer designed to keep you feeling fresh.

Girls were encouraged to write a love note to their V-zone

vagina taboos Libresse

Every angle was a good angle on the wrecking ball 

The playful wrecking ball made for the perfect IG snaps and students took every opportunity to enjoy it.

vagina taboos Libresse

So many yummy vulva cupcakes 

Not only did these gorgeous cupcakes celebrate all kinds of different vulvas but they tasted amazing too.

vagina taboos Libresse

Our female DJs brought the heat 

DJ Doowap and dancer and choreographer Tarryn TnT, rocked it at WITS while the female duo, Fizz & Shai-A kept the students at UCT entertained. 

DJ Doowap COSMO V-zone

DJs Fizz & Shai-A

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