COSMO Sexy Men: the Fashion

COSMO’s fashion director Poppy Evans talks fashion from last night’s COSMO Sexy Men event.

The men may have looked better minus their clothes (well, tops at least), but the ladies at the party inspired some serious wardrobe envy, says COSMO’s fashion director Poppy Evans.

Yes, we can all appreciate a six-pack – and the #COSMOSexyMen party was an abs-olute overload. But let’s also take a moment to talk about how very stylish the COSMO crowd looked, too.

It has to be said: Cape Town is casual. It takes a serious dress code for the majority of us Capetonian girls to truly dress up – and by dress up, I’m talking heels (we are very fond of our flats!), I’m talking lipstick, I’m talking sparkle, I’m talking about a seriously sexy dress and a freaking gorgeous clutch to boot – this is what the Mother City wears to the Met. Jo’burg girls, on the other hand… This is a look they could pull off for the office.

As a casual Capetonian myself, one of my favourite things about my very frequent trips to Jozi is the street style. I love what people wear, and I love that they go for glamour wherever they’re going; they rise to the occasion, that’s for sure.

Having already had the great privilege of getting up close and personal with our 13 COSMO Sexy Men finalists, I may have been a little less distracted by them than I would have been otherwise, and found myself spending much of last night checking out what everyone was wearing. Eye candy of a different kind maybe, but let’s be honest – we love shoes and abs equally!

Something else the COSMO tribe are also loving right now are jumpsuits, and in a big way.  Sports inspired, tuxedo-style, wide-legged and cheekily short – every version of the all-in-one came out to play at the #COSMOSexyMen event. It was a master class in styling the jumpsuit. Personally, I was especially taken by a long-sleeved, printed, short version with a cut-out back and a daringly low neck –a look that could have gone really wrong. Its wearer, Gina Myers (pictured below in the centre), made it work by stripping it of accessories and fussy details, and instead of a WTF look, it looked f**king amazing!

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.16.42 PM

At the other end of the spectrum, I was super-impressed by Lorinda Voges (pictured below with 2014’s #COSMOSexyMen winner, Jonathan Boynton-Lee) wearing a tracksuit-type jumpsuit with nothing but a lace bra underneath: an outfit that goes to show that confidence really does make any look.


Top Billing presenter Lorna Maseko wore a bright tangerine outfit with sexy cut-outs and cute peplum detail. What really made it chic was the lack of accessories.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.20.07 PM

Talking of accessories, there was one necklace that stood out for me – a beautiful beaded collar worn over a simple black vest and full leather skirt worn Jolize Aschmann.  It’s an example of completely owning South African style, and taking traditional ideas and making them new. It was perfect, in my opinion.


It’s no secret at COSMO HQ that my favourite colour is black (it is a colour, okay?), so while I have major respect for the girls who were totally owning bright yellow, eye-popping pink and vivid green, I was also swooning over the very creative head-to-toe black ensembles seen last night. The key to wearing all black is to wear it in contrasting textures and to balance soft and tough with matte and shine. Oh, and, of course, I must mention the boys, our male COSMO counterparts who also brought their A game in the style stakes in dungarees, bowler hats and sharp tailoring.

Last night reminded me that although we should never try too hard when it comes to getting dressed, a little effort goes a long way. For that reason, I am going to wear heels for the whole of next week – day and night, come rain or shine.

Poppy xoxo

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