5 Reasons Why You Need Some Black Coffee in Your Life

We are all about the loving dad, husband and killer DJ.

Black Coffee’s music floods our frequencies, and probably makes up the 25 most-played tracks on our playlists. This local DJ has become a world-class act and is now a super-popular performer everywhere.

If you’re in Cape Town this December, you’ll have the opportunity to go party with him at Shimmy Beach Club: Black Coffee is the resident DJ on Friday nights from 9 December. Not only will you be partying to the hottest music, you’ll be in one of the most exclusive clubs in South Africa. We don’t really need to explain why we’re huge fans – who isn’t? – but if you’re wondering, here is why we’re crushing:

1 Black Coffee was awarded by BET as the best international act in Africa.


Our Durban-born DJ has been internationally recognised by Black Entertainment Television.

2 He has multiple record labels.


Ofcourse he has to make cash dolla – but at least he’s spreading his music wisdom through his businesses.

3 He is the best dad.


Any man who’s a doting father and god-like husband wins in our eyes. #wifeenvy

4 He makes wearing specs cool.


We’re all for wearing glasses, as long as it makes us cool like Black Coffee.

5 He’s paralysed in his left arm – but nothing can stop him making the best beats.


This is melt material – he’s proof that no matter how tough life can get, you can still be a star.

For more information on his upcoming residency at Shimmy, check out Shimmybeachclub.com.

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