5 Amazing Moments from the #MACARTOFTHELIP Street Party

We’re talking shut-down-the-whole-street-and-party-in-the-middle type of banger.

MAC Cosmetics hosted a banger of a party in Braamfontein. We’re talking shut-down-the-whole-street-and-party-in-the-middle type of banger. The event was made even more incredible by the beautiful weather and the countless lovely people who came out to dance, COSMOxMAC style. The entire day (and night) was a whirlwind of wonder, but we’ve selected five amazing moments from the #MACARTOFTHELIP street party to give you even more FOMO if you weren’t there.

1 That time Manila von Teez tricked us with a dress that was NOT a dress
Manila von Teez scalped us with an out-of-this-world show, which started with Manila lip-synching in what looked like a voluptuous dress. Only it wasn’t a dress at all. The bottom part of the dress happened to be actual people who doubled up as backup dancers. Oh, it didn’t end there. Manila closed off her set with a phenomenal performance bearing an uncanny resemblance to King Bey. Wow!Mila Vona Teez

2 That time the DJs knew the songs inside our souls
From Twins on Deck to Fifi Cooper, AKA and DJ Zinhle, the dance floor was hype. Every single DJ and artist who showed up definitely showed out as well. It’s like they could read our minds and played us songs we didn’t even KNOW we needed (but totally did). Looking at you, ’90s R&B.

Twins on Deck

3 That time Boity casually strolled up with her new man-candy
Spotted: South Africa’s sweetheart, actress, presenter and model looking cute and cosy her new bae. Boity is currently carving out a name for herself in fashion with her Sissyboy x Boity capsule. The initial capsule will contain 16 pieces, with the following two containing 15 pieces each; they will be revealed over the months of September to December. We wonder if she models any of her pieces for bae?


What’s a #COSMOxMAC party without gorgeous selfies taken in the MAC store in Braamfontein? Guests were treated to a free touch-up, to take the levels of #makeupgoals to new heights.


5 Shutting down the street
The #MACARTOFTHELIP street party literally shut everything down. You don’t believe us? Take a look.


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