The Genius Way Priyanka Chopra Made Sure Nick Jonas Got Her the Engagement Ring of Her Dreams

Take notes!

By now everyone should know that Nick Jonas is totally off the market because he proposed to Priyanka Chopra and broke a million Jo Bros fans’ hearts in the process in July after two months of dating. When Nick popped the question, he gave Priyanka a huge diamond ring from Tiffany, and the way Priyanka made sure Nick got her the ring she wanted is so genius.

First off, Priyanka’s been dreaming of a Tiffany engagement ring for years. She told People, ‘I just knew it since I was a kid. First, it was Breakfast at Tiffany’s that did it for every girl in the world and then, of course, Sweet Home Alabama came and put a stamp on it that it has to be Tiffany!’

Priyanka said she wasn’t present when Nick shut down the store to get her ring, but she had planted many seeds in his head before then so he’d know exactly what to get her.

She explained, ‘Well, I may have dropped that hint. I think we had a conversation about it when we were dating and I’ve always known it had to be Tiffany…Since I was a little girl, it was just something that was stuck in my head and I may have said that and I guess he remembered.’ Good job, Nick!

Priyanka gave everyone a look at the ring back in August when she posted photos from her engagement party on Instagram with the caption, ‘Taken..With all my heart and soul..’

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Taken.. With all my heart and soul..

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Ugh, this is so cute I can’t stand it.

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan US

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