The Best Web Series You Can Still Stream on YouTube

Get in there before they’re not free to watch any more

YouTube isn’t just a place to watch music videos, makeup tutorials and videos of goats. Every series has to start somewhere and some of the best have started as humble YouTube channels (hello, Broad City). We’ve sifted through the garbage that makes up 99% of YouTube and found some of our favourite web series you can stream there (for now, until they make the big time):

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The Weekly Noise

It’s important to keep up with world events if you’re going to understand most of the jokes on Twitter, but reading the news is kinda boring, TBH. Enter Yaaseen Barnes, cute Cape Town comedian known for his dry sense of humour, and his show The Weekly Noise. Here you can get all the headlines in a funny and easy-to-follow format, which you wouldn’t get from a boring old newspaper (also, newspapers are, like, way too big to hold comfortably – what’s up with that?). The series is set in a garage but the sound quality is crisp and the joke delivery even crisper. Every week Yaaseen is joined by a guest, our favourite being up-and-coming hilarious queen Lindy Johnson (as shown in the above clip).

Chin Up

Chin Up gives you a peek into the unglamorous side of trying to make it as an actress in Cape Town. No-one in the city cares that Lara spent 10 years as a child star on YOTV, and this web series follows her on a variety of embarrassing auditions, soul-destroying minor roles and, of course, a waitressing gig. Keep your eyes peeled for every Afrikaans aunty’s favourite YouTube star, Suzelle, who makes a cameo in season 2.

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This Week Had Me Like

You might not know who Caroline Goldfarb is but it’s likely you’ve come across one of her memes (she’s the genius behind hilarious Instagram account OfficialSeanPenn, who you need to follow RN). Her podcast, This Week Had Me Like, has just been turned into a web series and you can catch a new episode every week in all its glittery and girly glory on her channel. Caroline and her leopard print-covered show are joined by D-list celebs (like Alia Shawkat from Arrested Development) and they discuss bizarre happenings in the world of pop culture. Tune in if you’re the girl in your friendship group who knows literally everything about the Internet, or if you need an intense course on what’s relevant on the Internet RN.

The Gay And Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo

The fact that this incredibly funny show only has one season while the incredibly unfunny (in my opinion) The Big Bang Theory has 11 is proof that the world just doesn’t make sense sometimes. The hilarious, touching and at times absurd series centres around a group of beautiful, queer and sexually liberated friends. Once you finish the six available episodes of The Gay And Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo you might find yourself feeling empty and lost (you and me both, girl) but don’t stress because there’s more. Creator and lead actor Brian Jordan Alvarez’s other videos like ‘What actually happens when gay guys see other gay guys and straight people aren’t around‘ or ‘What it’s always like when someone says you remind them of someone‘ will fill the void.

Youth, etc

It’s rare to find a series that doesn’t feel like you’re watching something scripted, and Youth, etc nails it with the characters’ chilled and natural rapport. Watching Jalen and B mock corny Instagram accounts and discuss the meaning behind a boy using a winky face when he messages you will make you feel like you’re hanging out with your own friends.

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