'Stocko Gate': Shamiso's Mom Just Shut Down Cyber Bullies – and We LOVED It

Stop with the slut-shaming already!

Radio royalty Azania Mosaka took to Twitter to comment on the cyber-bullying surrounding her daughter Shamiso’s encounter with rap collective Migos.

Let’s be clear – literally everything about this story is a mess. But what’s most concerning is the culture of slut-shaming facilitated by social media that polices women and their choices.

In a thread of tweets this week, Mosaka’s daughter Shamiso described her experience at the Johannesburg leg of the #MigosCultureTour. She says her and her flatmate were ‘fed’ alcohol by Migos and then asked to join member Quavo at his penthouse. The tweets ended with a picture of what appears to be Shamiso and a man assumed to be Quavo, together in a bed.

The response? Twitter user @Zane_Da_Phoenix claimed that Shamiso is a well-known ‘stocko’. From what we gathered, stocko describes goods placed in a storage facility to be sold. The dehumanising term alludes to women being bartered for sex. Zane_Da_Phoenix tweeted that he’s organised Shamiso as a ‘stocko’ for the likes of Cassper Nyovest, Trey Songz and now Migos. Shamiso denied the claims and dismissed the tweets – but not before being vehemently slut-shamed by both men and women across the Twittersphere.

Um, what?! The term ‘stocko’ itself is dangerous as hell – it’s literally comparing women to consumable goods to be traded. These Twitter users couldn’t have said it better:


Whether Shamiso engaged in this sexual activity with a celebrity or not is irrelevant. The point is: who the hell is anyone to judge another woman’s sexual choices? And since when was it ever okay to compare a woman to a commodity?

That’s why we LOVED it when Azania Mosaka, Shamiso’s mother, stepped in. In a series of tweets, Mosaka wrote that despite the attempts of users trying to delegitimise Shamiso’s account of the events, she believes her daughter’s story is enough validation – respecting her not only as a woman, but also as a mother.

Bam. That’s how we support one another, Twittersphere. Let’s have each other’s back, okay?

Shamiso’s tweets have since been protected.

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