Show Your Jeans Some Love

COSMO shares a few effective tips for making your denims last longer!

While jeans are pretty much every girls go-to wardrobe item, it pretty frustrating (not to mention costly) when their colour fades, they start sagging in the wrong places and eventually you have to bag them (RIP *tear *)! Here is COSMO’s denim care guide on how to show your jeans some luurve.


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Care for your denims!

After washing and wearing your jeans to death – they will start to deteriorate . To avoid this or to prolong the process follow these steps:

  • Buy the correct size as too-tight jeans stretch and therefore fade a lot quicker.
  • Hand wash your denims if possible and ALWAYS inside out.
  • Limit the amount of washing powder or detergent used.
  • Never use bleach!
  • Wash them in cold water.
  • Don’t leave them to dry in the direct sunlight!
  • Always iron these jean-ious pants inside out.
  • For darker denims add some salt when washing them to preserve the colour or opt for a special colour preserving washing powder.


Also note that the more you wash your denims the more the colour fades. We definitely don’t recommend you adopt a no washing philosophy (eeew), however try not to wash them after every wear!



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Let us know if you have any special denim care tips we didn’t know about! #COSMOJeans


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