SA’s 10 Most-watched YouTube Clips

Politics, hijacks and Trevor Noah.

Ah, YouTube… the best way to procrastinate during a quiet work day. Almost one-third of all people on the Internet are on YouTube and as it says on the site, spend ‘hundreds of millions of hours’ watching videos.

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Now we’re about to watch even more as YouTube has released its 2015 Rewind list with the most popular videos of the year! The lists are based on the views, shares, likes, comments and even parodies.

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So what were South Africans watching this year?

These are the top 10 videos watched in South Africa in 2015, excluding major music labels:

1 Vuyo Mvoko mugged in full view of SABC cameras

That female JMPD officer…

3 The Adventures of Noko Mashaba: iNumber Number

4 Bogus police attempts to hijack couple in Pretoria

5 The Daily Show: Trevor Noah Continues the War on Bulls**t

6The Adventures of Noko Mashaba: The Interview

7 Jacob Zuma laughing about Nkandla in Parliament

8 Robert Mugabe: ‘I don’t want to see a white face’

9 Zuma fumbles as he clarifies ANC membership numbers

10 SA’s Got Talent 2015: DJ Arch Jr

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