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EXCLUSIVE: 5 Minutes with Ultra SA Headliner Armin van Buuren

EXCLUSIVE: 5 Minutes with Ultra SA Headliner Armin van Buuren

CELEBS ICYMI: You've Got to Listen to Patty Monroe's New Single - Lisa Katz | 09 February 2018 | 10:12am

And three other celeb stories you need to know RN!

CELEBS The Internet is Torn About This Topless Photo of Kim Kardashian Taken by North West - COSMO | 09 February 2018 | 10:08am

As always, people have a lot to say

CELEBS & NEWS EXCLUSIVE: 5 Minutes with Ultra SA Headliner Eats Everything - Lisa Katz | 08 February 2018 | 02:53pm

'Every time I’ve played in SA it’s been a really

CELEBS The Spice Girls Are Back and Apparently Going To Tour The U.S. Again! - COSMO | 08 February 2018 | 12:14pm

This is "TOO MUCH" good news, if you know what I mean

CELEBS The Meaning Behind Kylie's Baby Girl's Name - Lisa Katz | 08 February 2018 | 11:26am

It's pretty unique!

CELEBS & NEWS How the Movie Black Panther Is Celebrating Natural Hair - COSMO | 08 February 2018 | 10:39am

'I don’t think black hair has ever been seen in a movie like this'

CELEBS & NEWS Join the Relovelution this Valentine’s Day - Renee Fortune | 08 February 2018 | 10:18am

Four fire artists have united to bring the love to Woolies' shop windows

CELEBS Fans Think Khloe Kardashian Has Revealed the Sex of Her Baby - COSMO | 08 February 2018 | 10:07am

You know the Kardashians love to drop hints... 🎀

CELEBS Kylie's Daughter Stormi Just Broke an Instagram Record - COSMO | 08 February 2018 | 10:00am

The Insta post has beat Beyoncé’s record...

CELEBS & NEWS Apparently McDonald's Chips Might Cure Hair Loss - Helen Wallace | 07 February 2018 | 11:55am

We'll have another portion, please 🍟🍟🍟

CELEBS Be Prepared for a Few Outfit Changes on Paris Hilton's Wedding Day - Lisa Katz | 07 February 2018 | 11:47am

Multiple dresses? Why not?😉🙌🏾

CELEBS & NEWS WATCH: Kendrick Lamar and SZA's Music Video for 'All The Stars' is Here! - Lisa Katz | 07 February 2018 | 11:46am

And it features real-life panthers!