Our Coolest Beauty Apps

get ‘appy with COSMO

Have you ever tried a 24hour detox from your phone? I have, and it didn’t end well. So instead of trying to run away form the inevitable, COSMO have decided to embrace our tech-addiction by giving you the holy grail of all apps – beauty apps. Here’s a list of our top five must-have apps to keep you feeling productive whilst being totally engrossed in your smartphone. 

Pretty In My Pocket
What is it?
Very similar to Pinterest, it offers tons of inspirational photos uploaded by various bloggers and makeup artists. 
Why we love it: Who doesn’t love being inspired? 

What is it? Discover useful tips and tutorials on new and different looks including product reviews from consumers and trend recaps.
Why we love it: It’s a one-stop destination. All you ever need to know about beauty is a few clicks away with this app, especially if you’re looking to be a bit more adventurous with your look.

What is it?
An app providing endless amounts of fashion forward photos of hot new trends and looks 
Why we love it:
Now we know our makeup and hair is in check, it allows us to complete our look in fashion-savvy style. 

IT Girl: Beauty Salon – Makeup
What is it?
This app is specifically designed to cut down the time of makeup application with tips and tricks and everything you need to know from the very basics.
Why we love it: Because we’re not all Picassos with the makeup brushes, and we all have those events where we’d love to ace our makeup for the night right?

OPI Virtual Polish
What is it?
Try the latest nail polish trends and colours without having to even go to the salon.
Why we love it: It eliminates all the effort and fuss of trekking to the salon and pondering over which colour to use from the hundreds of bottles on display. It’s easy, and effortless and we like effortless.