Nomuzi Mabena's Publicist 'Waiting for Information' on Disturbing Car Crash Video

Conflicting reports leave fans in the dark.

A disturbing video published on social media on Thursday evening of rapper and media personality Nomuzi Mabena in a shocking car crash flooded the internet. The video published on Instagram Live shows the rapper detailing her plans to record music in 2019 while driving. During the video, a screeching sound is heard afterwhich a cracked window screen is seen and the video ends.

Rapper and friend to Mabena, Rouge took to Twitter to post the video with the following caption, “Guys listen has anybody been able to get ahold of @NoMoozlie ???????? I’m so scared! Please let me know If Anyone can reach her???????????? ASAP PLEASE!”

TW: The following video contains explicit violent content which could offend some viewers.


Nomuzi Mabena’s Publicist ‘Waiting for Information’ on Disturbing Car Crash Video

Publicist Kim Seneke spoke to COSMO saying little is known about the how Nomuzi is doing after the crash. ‘We are waiting for information. Her phone is off which is quite concerning,’ she told COSMO. Fans have been sending messages of support and prayer while others speculate that the video may be part of a campaign. There has been no information to confirm any of this.




All attempts to contact Mabena’s management team have been unsuccessful.

This is a developing story.

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