Moozlie on What It's Like to Work With Her BF and What Sisterhood Means to Her

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We first came to know the multi-talented Nomuzi Mabena aka Moozlie when she became the first female VJ on MTV Base. Since then, she’s gone on to start her own label, released a mixtape and her debut album–Victory – all while holding down her gig as a presenter of Vuzu. If anyone has earned the title of being a total badass killin’ the game, it’s definitely Moozlie.

In a recent interview, the 26-year-old spilled on what it’s like to work with her BF, Sbuda, what her relationship with Rouge and Ms Cosmo means to her and all about her album Victory.

What has the transition from tv to music been like?

The transition has been crazy but now that I’ve gotten deeper into my music career, I’ve realised that it was never really a transition but more of an elevation.

J.Lo is one of my favourite people in the world and we never have to think of her in her different roles – she’s just J.Lo. The last few years has been about solidifying my name across all of the different platforms out there, just like she has.

What do your SAHHA noms mean to you?

They really mean a lot, especially as an independent artist. I’ve put a lot of work in and for my mixtape Versus to also be nominated is really cool because it was the first project I ever dropped.

As an independent record label to have two projects nominated at the South African Hip Hop Awards is a very big deal and I feel very blessed and grateful.

We admire the relationship you have with Rouge and Ms Cosmo. What do you love about them? And is sisterhood important to you?

To do well in something, you have to surround yourself with like-minded, ambitious people who are constantly pushing themselves forward and there’s nothing more powerful than a girl squad doing incredible things!

Rouge and Miss Cosmo are two really incredible female pioneers in Hip Hop in SA.

Miss Cosmo has been in the game for so long and she’s probably the number one female DJ, not only in Hip Hop but in the game – she’s really killing it. And she kinda has a really stern attitude, you know. She doesn’t take nonsense and I’m a big softy, so she really teaches me to toughen up and have thick skin – which is so important, especially in Hip Hop.

Rouge, on the other hand, is just a really incredible artist and she’s taught me the importance of making good music. Her album is probably one of the best performing albums in the history of SA Hip Hop so she’s an example of this. She’s a great example and as much as she’s my friend, she’s also like a mentor and I really love her.

And together, we’re like the Hip Hop Powerpuff Girls. We have so much fun together!

What’s it like working closely with your BF?

Working with my boyfriend is not as difficult as people may think it is. He’s always been an artist manager and I’ve always been an artist, so it was a natural progression for us.

He really understood the vision I have for myself and in a lot of ways, he helped me to create it because he knows me on such a personal level. It’s not for everybody but it works for us.

What’s behind the name of your album?

I’ve been in the game for six years now and I don’t think I’ve ever stopped to say ‘wow, girl… you’re killing it!’ and I feel like it’s important for us as young people to have those moments. We’re always chasing the next thing – the next cheque, the next meeting – and we don’t take the time to stop and say ‘I’m in such a great space, I have such a great life and I’m so happy to be who I am’ – and that’s exactly what the album is.

Victory is not only a celebration of where I’m at right now but it’s also the story of everything I’ve gone through and all about me and my life in audio form. It’s really awesome and I hope people go out there and get it and help me become the first female Hip Hop artist to go gold!

How involved were you in the creative process?

I was super involved in the creative process – I wrote every single song and picked all the beats.

We started the album in Cape Town at the Red Bull Studios, which was really amazing. Gemini Major flew down with me and we put down a solid skeleton of what we wanted the album to sound like.

We hooked up with Phresh Clique who brought a really crazy Kwaito element, Youngsta CPT came through and blessed the album and it was just really dope.

Back in Joburg, we linked up with DJ D Double D who finished things up and mastered it. Aust Malema shot the cover so it really was a collaboration of really incredible creatives but yeah, I was fully involved.

What’s the biggest take away or lesson you’ve learnt after releasing your album?

Check out what else we learnt about Moozlie in our very first installment of COSMO Confessions:

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