Just A Reminder: Miley Cyrus Has A Brother

And he has A LOT of tattoos!

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Miley Cyrus is an only child; after all, her constant tongue wagging and attention grabbing antics are clearly signs of “Only Child Syndrome” (Yes, it’s a thing).

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You might then be surprised to know that she has a HUGE family, which includes her half-brother Trace. Judging by his array of ink (and seemingly bad boy persona), we’re guessing that he’s had more of an influence on her than we’ve been led to believe, but we’re not blaming him for that VMA performance with Robin Thicke. All we know is Miley Cyrus’ brother has a lot of tattoos!

Let’s begin with a throwback of how he looked before he was all tatted up:

Not sure if he’s wearing a jacket or those are just all his tattoos … WOW:


This is his back. He seems to just blend in with the wall doesn’t he?


He has a coffin on his neck. How very Grim Reaper of him …

He has an adorable bumble bee that’s dedicated to his girlfriend … 

Brenda Song. Yeah, THAT Brenda Song

Although he seems to be running out of space: 


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Originally Posted On Hurricane Vanessa

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