Jourdan Dunn: The MTV EMAs were ‘pretty chill’

Jourdan Dunn was “pretty chill” about presenting at the MTV

Jourdan Dunn was “pretty chill” about presenting at the MTV EMAs.
The 26-year-old model handed the Best Male award out at the ceremony in the Netherlands but wasn’t nervous about taking to the stage because of the relaxed atmosphere backstage.
Speaking on the red carpet before the MTV EMAs in Rotterdam on Sunday evening (06.11.16), she said: “It’s a bit mad but I love it. The energy is crazy and everyone’s excited. I’m excited; it feels good …
“Everyone’s keeping to themselves. It’s pretty chill; there’s nothing crazy yet but let’s see what happens. But pretty chill right now.”
And Jourdan was excited to see Bruno Mars perform at the event and was looking forward to exploring the city of Rotterdam later that evening.
She added to the Mail Online: “I’m presenting Best Male. Right now, I’m loving Bruno Mars. I’m loving his new song. And I’m so excited to see him perform and The Weeknd … they are all deserving winners … It’s my first time here. I’m excited to go out tonight and see [the city].”
Jourdan presented the Best Male award to Shawn Mendes on Sunday evening (06.11.16) and he took to Twitter soon after to thank his fans.
He wrote: “So unbelievably grateful for everything guys thank you so much. (sic)”
Meanwhile, Jourdan was probably relieved not to have many family or friends in the audience as she previously admitted she gets nervous when her loved ones are watching her walk the runway.
She shared: “I hate it when my family watch me in shows. When I first started, my mum used to sit on the front row, but now she finds it boring.
“I get nervous knowing that people are watching me. At Tommy Hilfiger, Rita Ora shouted out to me as I walked past. It completely put me off my game.”