How to Make Your Eyes Look Brighter – No Expensive Treatments Required

They are the window to the soul, after all

Eyeball whitening is, if the cosmetic surgery reality show I was watching last night is anything to go buy, an actual procedure that people request. Say what now?

That’s right: apparently our eyeballs aren’t free from our harsh scrutiny either, and I even found myself staring into the mirror and thinking that mine probably weren’t as bright and sparkly as they could be. Sigh. Many people believe that their eyes are their best feature, so imagine if you could really make them pop by enhancing the whiteness and reducing any yellowing or redness in them. Luckily we can, and it doesn’t have to involve going under the needle. Here are some easy, safe and pain-free ways to make your eyes appear brighter and whiter.

Blue eye shadow
Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor wasn’t just known for her acting skills and multiple trips down the aisle, but also for her amazing, piercing eyes. Here’s a visual reminder:

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Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra / Getty Images

But what was her secret to magnificent peepers? It wasn’t genetics – it was her use of deep-indigo eye shadow. Indigo and yellow are opposite to each other on the colour wheel, which means that one shade can be used to neutralise the other, much like how we use colour-correcting makeup. This means that by wearing indigo eye shadow, or even blue mascara, it can make eyeballs appear less yellow.

The cold-spoon hack
This is an oldie but a goodie. Keep a metal spoon in the freezer to use when your eyes need a bit of love. Why? Chilled spoons help to relax any capillaries that might be expanded and causing redness. Massaging some coconut or facial oil under your eyes and placing a cold spoon over the area can also help to decrease puffiness. (Eyes closed, of course.)

Liquid solutions
One of the quickest ways to make your eyeballs whiter is to use eyedrops, which add moisture to the eyes and reduce redness. This is not something that should be done too regularly, however, otherwise you might develop a dependency issue. But for the odd occasion, this is a tried, tested and trusted solution. Just make sure you’re using clean eyedrops bought from a pharmacist, okay?

Another slightly weirder liquid that can whiten the eyeballs is soy milk, because it’s rich in anti-inflammatory proteins. Soaking two cotton face pads in soy milk and then placing them over your eyes (eyes closed, first) for a few minutes will reduce bloodshot eyes as well as decrease puffiness.

Long-term goals
One of the main ingredients when it comes to beauty is what we put into our bodies. This goes for our eyes too and, since healthy eyes are good-looking eyes, eating foods such as carrots, which are high in vitamins A and C, upping your water intake, and avoiding dehydrating substances such as caffeine and alcohol, will help keep your peepers in good condition.

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