Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber May Have Just Purchased the Cutest Puppy You've Ever Seen


Hailey Baldwin just decided to bless your timeline with pictures of an incredibly cute puppy that may or may not be hers. Right this way!!!


I mean………….


It’s just…………..


So fricken’ cute…………


That it’s hard to even fathom anything being more cute than this dog in this moment.

Now, to be 100 percent clear, it’s not clear whether this is her dog. It’s literally just four different Instagram stories of her holding it and calling it ‘baby love’, but considering she 1) just got engaged to Justin Bieber and 2) he wrote in their engagement announcement that he was looking forward to raising their family in God, it seems totally logical that a puppy could be part of that family. Right? Totally. TOTALLY.

Please take a second to imagine her and Justin as little dog parents. It’s too much.

Either way, even if it’s a totally random doggo that belongs to someone else, who could possibly be mad about seeing these pictures? Literally no one. Okay, carry on with your day!

This post originally appeared on cosmopolitan.com

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