Blac Chyna’s ‘management’ in dispute with show

Two men claiming to be Blac Chyna’s managers want ‘Rob & Chy

Two men claiming to be Blac Chyna’s managers want ‘Rob & Chyna’ shut down.
The 28-year-old reality star is currently under threat of being sued by Jason Alston and Lincoln Hayes of Infinite Grind Multimedia, who claim she signed a 10-year contract with them in 2007, and they have now warned producers of the E! show they will add them into the proposed lawsuit if they shoot, promote, or air the programme.
According to TMZ, the management duo claim Chyna owes them at least $3 million in unpaid fees, and so want her show to be pulled as it is only making her richer while she isn’t paying them anything, despite their alleged agreement.
However, ‘Rob & Chyna’ bosses would have no duty to pay any management fees on behalf of the star so it is unclear on what grounds they could be added to a lawsuit.
Jason and Lincoln previously claimed they discovered Chyna – who has four-year-old son King Cairo with ex-boyfriend Tyga and three-month-old daughter Dream with fiance Rob Kardashian – when she was a stripper in Washington and helped her land magazine covers.
Under the terms of the deal they made, Chyna was required to hand over 50 per cent of her earnings over the 10-year period beginning in June 2007, but they are unsure exactly how much money they are owed as she has made deals without their involvement.
The pair vowed to take legal action if she doesn’t pay them by June this year, when their alleged agreement comes to an end.