Ariana Grande Had the Most Savage Advice for People Who Are Engagement Ring Shopping

LOL, roasted

Ariana Grande has been serving up subtle clapbacks in the wake of her split from Pete Davidson, including, but not limited to, her straight-up shading people who plan to get engaged.

Earlier today, The Zoe Report posted a picture of a lovely ring with the caption ’13 tips & tricks for finding the perfect engagement ring.’ Ariana, who’s not here for the wedding-prep content, simply commented “Don’t.”

LMAO, word.

In case you momentarily lost your mind and don’t remember, Pete bought Ariana Grande’s engagement ring, like, the day they met. As he told the story to GQ, it started as a joke. ‘The day I met her, I was like, “Hey, I’ll marry you tomorrow,”‘ he said. ‘She was calling my bluff. I sent her a picture [of engagement rings]. I was like, “Do you like any of these?” She was like, “Those are my favorite ones,” and I was like, “Sick.”‘ The rock reportedly cost Pete roughly $100,000.

Unfortunately, now that the two have officially called off the engagement, Ariana has reportedly returned the ring to Pete, which makes her comment above almost funnier.

Remember, when you think you’re ready to go find the perfect ring, take Ari’s advice and just… don’t. Cheers!

This post was originally seen on cosmopolitan.com

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