Our two faves – Zozibini Tunzi and Trevor Noah – had a chat on The Daily Show

I feel like a proud mum!

Zozibini Tunzi on Trevor Noah Daily Show

Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi is making her rounds on the talk show circuit since she was crowned. And naturally, that meant she had to make a stop by our fave Trevor Noah at The Daily Show. 

Zozibini Tunzi spoke about the trolling that she received online because of her skin tone, and said, ‘I think it was in that moment where I was like, I’m not even mad because it’s just how society has labelled people to be. It’s like how we have been programmed to see beauty that way, you know…The further you are from being fair, the uglier you are. And I just saw it [the trolling] as an educational moment. I remember putting up a post speaking about it. Speaking about colourism, speaking about racism.

She also spoke how importance the fight against gender-based violence not only in South Africa but internationally as well. Zozibini Tunzi also addressed the importance of groups to mobilise together to fight the battle.

When Trevor asked her what she’s excited to experience during her reign as Miss Universe, she said that she’s excited to travel the world.

‘New York is so cold, oh my god! I just want to feel my toes one more time. I’m looking forward to travelling the world. I want to take my message across the globe. With this crown comes great responsibility and a big following…This is the beginning of building generational wealth for my family, too,’ she said.

Of course, South Africans were loving the fact that two South Africans were owning the stage internationally:

Watch the interview with Trevor Noah here: 

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