Zonke just completely paid up a student’s outstanding fees and it’s inspiring AF

‘Study hard and go on to be great.’

Zonke pays student's fees

It’s that tough time of the year when students are registering for the new year of university, which also means that many students are unable to register due to unpaid fees. Musician Zonke Dikana, however, stepped in to help one student to make sure that they no longer have to worry about that.

Twitter user Bubu Sithole took to the platform to say ‘I’m currently packing my bags and going back home because I have outstanding fees and can’t register. I owe R29k & they want 17k for me to register provisionally. I was rejected by NSFAS twice in a row even after I sent through my mom’s death certificate and my dad’s disability papers.’

She goes on to explain her attempts to find funding for her education, just so she can register for her next year.

Zonke then jumps in with, ‘Have you left yet? Please let me help you stay in school.’

Bubu then when on to say that Zonke said paid up her fees. She said that registrations were supposed to close on 7 February, and it was extended to 14 February and she registered today.

Zonke then replied to her saying it was her pleasure by saying, ‘You are most welcome nana, study hard and go on to be great.’

Ugh, this is the feel-good story that we all needed!

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