Zachary Levi’s reaction to hearing the Noon Gun in Cape Town for the first time will make you LOL

I mean, I can show him around?

Zachary Levi in Cape Town

Capetonians are used to the sound of the noon gun going off every day at 12 pm, so we sometimes forget our foreign it must sound to tourists. One such tourist was Shazam actor Zachary Levi who is visiting the city.

Zachary was on Instagram Live when the gun went off, and he stares shocked in the direction of Signal Hill while trying to fathom what is happening.

And he surmises ‘But that is Signal Hill…so maybe they shoot off a cannon at certain times of day, like Mary Poppins.’

Which is right! After Twitter user @Celeste Brand posted the video on Twitter, Zachary replied with, ‘I was RIGHT!’

The actor has not said if he is filming in South Africa or if he was simply on a holiday. But he did manage to find some time to see Table Mountain, and he was spotted at Harbour House.

Brb, just going to try and casually run into him on the Cape Town streets!

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