Watch Trevor Noah's Grandmother Tell Him She Doesn't Watch His Show Because of Load Shedding

Poor Gogo

This past weekend Trevor Noah was in the country to host the Global Citizen Festival. During his work trip back in the country, the TV host and comedian took his film crew to visit his grandmother in Soweto. In the process, he interviewed Nomalizo Fances (his grandmother) just to give his fans a little background story on his upbringing and what life was like as a mixed-race child in South Africa at the time.

In the video, she mentioned that she remembers being a lot of flying squads in the neighbourhood. ‘Each and every street had a flying squad,’ due to to the political situation which resulted in constant and heavy police presence in areas that belonged to people of colour. The police presence was so heavy and scary that they would forcefully enter people’s homes in the early hours of the morning, raid, and arrest.

‘When you were with me here. Oh, Trevor you gave me a tough time. Because you wanted to play in the street and I knew the flying squad was going to take you.’ Trevor’s skin colour caused anxiety and fear around having him play outside because that was reason enough to get his family in trouble with the law. Therefore it was very difficult having your child enjoy his childhood and freely be on the streets. ‘You were born a crime,’ she stated.

Further on in the video Trevor’s Gogo admits that she doesn’t watch The Daily Show because of load shedding. And she claims that her DSTV is just there for show because she never gets to use it, all thanks to power cuts. Now we see where Trevor gets his humour from.

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