WATCH: The Trailer for Bonang's "Public Figure" Documentary Has Dropped

Brb just adding “Producer” to our list of titles to achieve

We’ve been waiting! There has been a lot of excitement around Public Figure, the documentary film which lists Bonang Matheba as producer and which is set to premier at the Manchester Film Festival. The film features many of the internet’s most recognisable faces, alongside experts sharing insights on what social media addiction is doing to our generation.

There have been many documentaries chronicling the highs and lows of internet fame released over the past couple of years, including American Meme, which focuses heavily on the private and public lives of Paris Hilton (10M followers) and Inst@famous, a series featuring the likes of @f**kjerry (14M followers), @lexypanter a (2,5M followers) and more. But what makes Public Figure different, is that for once, it features people who are famous outside America.

WATCH: The Trailer for Bonang’s “Public Figure” Documentary Has Dropped

South Africa’s sweetheart Bonang Matheba is featured, alongside other major international stars like Rose McGowan. The film deals with social media fame, money, hate and obsession, as well as how all this affects our brains.

It looks really interesting and we can’t wait to watch it once the film is released!

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