WATCH: Laverne Cox Just Dropped Her First Single and Music Video

It’s a ‘celebration of queer culture and LGBTQ club culture’

Our #SayYesToLove coverstar, Laverne Cox has just dropped her first single and music video, called ‘Beat For The Gods’.

Laverne has BEEN teasing us on Twitter and Instagram, saying that she’d been working on a new single, and today  she finally released it and we are OBSESSED.

Out called it ‘an expression of liberated queerness and unadulterated pride.’

Before you rush out to buy her album, Laverne is not giving up acting to explore music but told Out that the single was a passion project- a ‘celebration of queer culture and LGBTQ club culture’ for ‘the kids who vogue, the kids who drag, the nightclub scene.’

Laverne says ‘it’s obviously a dance song. I just wanted it to be a cute song for the kids to vogue to.’ She continued, ‘It’s about makeup but it’s about living for yourself, whether you’re wearing makeup or not.’

Watch it here:

How did it come about? Laverne tells Out that the song started as a joke with her makeup artist, ‘She did my makeup for an event and I looked in the mirror and said, ‘Girl, I’m beat for the gods.’ I was living for myself. I was having a moment. You put your makeup on, and you feel flawless, better than you ever think you could have looked, and I was living. I was beat for the gods. And as a joke, I said, ‘Deja, that would be a cute song for the kids’.

‘She said I should write it, and I said, ‘Oh, whatever.’ But I wrote a little something, and ran it by her, and I was hanging with my friend Benjamin (K. Damptey), and he’s a recording artist, and I jokingly told him I had an idea for a song. And he said, ‘Love, we should record this. Let’s just do it.’ We went in the studio with his friend Johnny, and then I really wrote the song.’

‘That’s what this song is about’ Laverne said. ‘Feeling gorgeous no matter what, and owning yourself, and having a Kiki.’

Amen to that!

#BeatForTheGods is available on iTunes, Amazon Music and Apple music. 

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