Watch the moment Justin Bieber saw Hailey Baldwin walk down the aisle at their wedding

Spoiler: There were lots of tears.

Justin Bieber wedding
  • A year after Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin legally got married, they had a wedding ceremony in South Carolina.
  • Justin shared footage of the ceremony in his new YouTube docuseries, Seasons.
  • Hailey recently revealed they waited to get married because Justin was having ongoing health issues.

Months after Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber made hotel guests ‘livid’ and tied the knot in a snazzy South Carolina resort, Justin shared intimate footage from their ceremony in his YouTube docuseries. In a new episode of SeasonsJustin showed the moment he saw Hailey walk down the aisle, and I didn’t think I’d get this choked up before noon, but here we are!

The clip, which you can watch over on Vogue or on YouTube come February 19, opens with ‘dramatic orchestral music’  and Hailey’s dad, Stephen Baldwin, wiping his tears with a handkerchief. As the music swells, Hailey walks down the aisle and is met with a ton of applause from the pews. When Justin sees her, he starts blinking ferociously, possibly trying to hold back tears of joy. And when they meet at the altar, they look so dang happy. Sadly, you don’t get to see the whole wedding go down, but you can hear 5 seconds of Justin’s vows and watch him give Hailey a ring.

Scooter Braun also speaks on camera and says, ‘This is a young man who used to play pranks on me when he was a kid. who now was standing in front of me at this wedding, saying his vows, and being in love with someone who is remarkable and I’m happy that he’s found.’

While the actual ceremony looks like it was filled with love and sweet memories, the road leading up to the wedding wasn’t easy. In a recent interview with Elle, Hailey opened up about how they waited a year to have the actual ceremony because Justin wasn’t at his healthiest. She explained, ‘When we first got married, we were just figuring out our life together. I felt like putting a wedding in the middle of all that would be really hectic and stressful… Going through that [his health issues] and then trying to be like, ‘So where does our wedding fit into this?’ didn’t feel like the vibe at all.’

But now that Justin knows his diagnosis (Lyme disease and Epstein-barr), he said he’s able to get the proper treatment and focus on being ‘the best husband, the best father, the best friend that I can possibly be.’

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