Twitter Doesn't Know How to Feel About Lady Gaga's Grammys Performance

Reactions are mixed, honestly.

Lady Gaga just performed her hit song “Shallow” at the Grammys, and while most people expected a subdued, 2019 awards-season-version of Gaga, old Gaga came to play.

Let’s just say that Twitter has some thoughts about it. I mean, she made this face at the end.

From people being pissed that Bradley Cooper wasn’t there to people being like “Where are these dance moves coming from?” here are the best reactions.

“Gaga doesn’t NEED Bradley, she can pee HERSELF thank you very much.”

“Wtf was lady Gaga doing lol #GrammyAwards”

“No disrespect to #LadyGaga bc I think she is a very talented artist and an amazing vocalist. However, my neck literally hurts from watching her throw her head back-and-forth like that. #GRAMMYs”

“My mom goes “Why is Gaga dancing like that it’s so weird”.ITS 2019, where have you been the past decade where Lady Gaga was apparently doing normal shit?”

“@enews Didn’t like the Shallow performance at all. It’s much better in the movie @ladygaga

“Why did Lady Gaga overperform that song? It is beautiful and didn’t need all that production. #Grammys2019″

“Why does Lady GaGa have to be so extra? #GRAMMYs

#LadyGaga looks, sounds, and dances like the crab from #Moana. #GRAMMYs

“Gaga killed it tonight”


Um, okay. Yikes!! Maybe the Oscars will be better?

This post originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com

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