Tiffany Haddish manifested a meetup with Brad Pitt at the Oscars and it actually happened

Next year I will marry Brad. Next year I will marry Brad. Next year I will marry Brad.

Tiffany Haddish runs into Brad Pitt
  • In 2018, Tiffany Haddish joked that she and Brad Pitt met in an elevator and agreed they would hook up if they were single in a year.
  • 2019 passed with no update, but Brad and Tiffany finally met up at an Oscars afterparty last night.
  • Start manifesting like Tiffany!

Once upon a time…two years ago…in Hollywood, Tiffany Haddish recalled a supposed encounter she had with Brad Pitt. They met in an elevator and came to the understanding that we all wish we had with Brad: If they were both single in a year, they’d hook up. Specifically, they’d ‘do it.’ Unfortunately, 2019 came and went with no update because Brad didn’t go to the ceremony last year. But it’s time to celebrate because the powers that be decided 2020 would actually be the year of the Brad-Tiffany meetup.

After Brad won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, he hit up the Vanity Fair Oscar Party where he finally met up with Tiffany. Y’all there is photographic evidence, too. Look at her peace sign and his lustrous hair! I’m nobody language expert, but the lean-in is telling me these two are quite friendly.

Obviously we don’t know if they actually hooked up or if Brad let Tiffany hold his Oscar, but Tiffany manifested some sort of meet up with Brad and it happened! Her mind!

All I have to say is, God, I have seen what you have done for others and I am ready to receive. Next year, I will marry Brad sans prenup and join in on his $300 million fortune! I’m speaking it into existence! If you see me in his BMW hydrogen-powered car and galavanting through his vineyard with a glass of rosé in hand, remember this day.

This post was originally published on Cosmopolitan US

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