There's an Angelina Kim K-Hybrid Lookalike and the World Can Not Deal

Good genes, anyone?

Some people were definitely first in line at the good-genes car-boot sale; like Mara Teigen, the 21-year-old model who looks pretty much exactly like Angelia Jolie – with a dash of Kim K mixed in there for good measure. And the internet is going mad!

Feast your eyes:

What is your favorite thing that I post? Selfies, outfits, makeup etc.. I’m curious ?

A photo posted by MARA TEIGEN (@marateigen_) on

Mara is a model (represented by the huge Wilhelmina International). She has over 600k followers on Instagram and her famous buddy is Kylie Jenner. In fact, she even appeared in Jenner’s music video Glosses, which announced the launch of her lip glosse range. Because: those lips. 

Mara’s not the first woman to be hailed as an Angelina lookalike: models Veronika Black and Chelsea Marr also sparked debate on the internet for looking like the actress/producer/mom.

Mara posts countless images on Instagram, and talks a lot about her beauty and make-up routine. We have to admit, those eye brows and lips are ridiculous.

@ellejayswim swim got me like ?

A photo posted by MARA TEIGEN (@marateigen_) on


A photo posted by MARA TEIGEN (@marateigen_) on

You can’t deny they look scarily alike. Mic.com posted this pretty conclusive evidence too:

Angelina and Mara


Is it time for Ange to hand over the pouty torch?

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