The Third 'Sex and the City' Movie Would Have Reportedly Killed off Mr. Big, So There's That


Hello, Sex and the City stans! Welcome to the newest chapter in the saga that is the rise and fall of the potential third movie. Here’s some devastating news: allegedly, the plan was to kill off Mr. Big in the very beginning of the film. Yep. You read that correctly.

On the podcast Origins, journalist James Andrew Miller designates four episodes to the series and how it ended, concluding with the fall-through of the final movie. Apparently, the plot revolved around Big’s death and how Carrie would cope, which is part of why Kim Cattrall didn’t want to do it.

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“People close to Kim believe the script for the movie didn’t have a lot to offer the character of Samantha,” Miller said in the podcast. Big reportedly died of a heart attack IN THE SHOWER early in the film, woof, “making the remainder of the movie more about how Carrie recovers from Big‘s death than about the relationship between the four women.”

There’s a lot to be devastated about here, but putting the Mr. Big thing aside momentarily, Sarah Jessica Parker said that they did negotiate with Cattrall for the movie, but it ultimately collapsed because the studio couldn’t meet the demands she set. According to Parker, that’s not anyone’s fault, that’s just business.

“We negotiated in good faith,” Sarah Jessica Parker said. “I e-mailed her, I tried to reach out to her and say like, ‘We want you part of this. You’re an integral part, of course, you are. I hope when you read this script you’ll see the beauty, the joy, the heartbreak in it that I see, that we have seen.’”

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