The Moments from Last Night's 'Roast of AKA' That Made Us Go 'Ouch!'

Do you need some ice for that burn?

If you avoided social media last night you would have missed the iconic reactions to Comedy Central Roast of AKA in partnership with Showmax.

Some firsts for the show was that Pearl Thusi was the first black woman Roast Master and Davido was the first Nigerian panellist.

Here are some of the highlights:


Claim to fame: Over 19m social media followers. BET Award winner for Best International Act 2018.
Hottest roasts: To AKA: ‘When you collaborate, make sure you get a weaker rapper, so you don’t become a feature on your own song.’
Coldest shade: ‘You got your dad to buy a university just so you could get a degree. And we’re still stuck with lyrics like, ‘Banana fall on you.” – Mark Fish

Francois van Coke

Claim to fame: Judge on The Voice. Front man of Fokofpolisiekar and Van Coke Kartel. Solo artist.

Hottest roast: To AKA: ‘You and Cassper argue about who’s the best rapper. We all know: it’s Riky Rick.’

Coldest shade: ‘Francois is hot sh*t in the music industry. Which only proves that all you have to do to be successful in the Afrikaans music industry is… to be Afrikaans.’ – Mark Fish

Joey Rasdien

Claim to fame: Stand-up comedian. Actor in Bunny Chow and Blitz Patrollie.

Hottest roast: ‘Mark Fish looks like Mr Bean smoked too much tik.’

Coldest shade: ‘Joey, your movies should have Struggle songs by now – because they have struggled at the box office. Wow. And if you add your stand-up on top of that, you have more Struggle credentials than Jacob Zuma.’ – Pearl Thusi

Mark Fish

Claim to fame: AFCON 1996 winner. Captain on Survivor Champions. Pearl Thusi’s first celebrity crush. Mistaker of Sipho Hotstix Mabuse for Hugh Masekela.

Hottest roast: To Pappa Penny: ‘I can’t wait to not understand anything you’re saying.’

Coldest shade: ‘Mark Fish, I saw you earlier on. You were taking a picture with Pappa Penny there. Pappa Penny, watch out. Next week, he’ll post a picture with the legendary Oliver Mtukudzi.’ – Surprise guest Roaster, Mashabela Galane

Moonchild Sanelly

Claim to fame: Musician. Owner of Moonchild Cultwear and Naked Club.

Hottest roast: To Pearl Thusi: ‘You are an African girl but you struggle to do an African accent in your series.’

Coldest shade: ‘We’ve been asked to Roast someone who literally wears a mop on top of her head every day – by choice.’ – Mark Fish

Moshe Ndiki

Claim to fame: Actor: The Queen. Presenter: Uyang’thanda Na. YouTuber.

Hottest roast: ‘The drug problem on this stage is so bad that when Joey Rasdien arrived the first thing he asked was, ‘Is the Mandrax halaal?’’

Coldest shade: ‘Moshe plays Prince on the Queen. To be honest he’s not really acting… Prince is basically Moshe but with better clothes,’ – Mark Fish

Nina Hastie

Claim to fame: Stand-up comic. Presenter of Trending SA.

Hottest roast: To AKA: ‘Anyway, guys, ja ja, my vagina is the size of a soccer stadium. Hilarious. It may even be true but you know what: we all know that I will never fuck AKA because he would never be able to fill it up.’ 

Coldest shade: ‘The real gag is what do you know about trending? Because as far as I can tell, Pappa Penny’s hairpiece has more Twitter followers than you…’ Moshe Ndiki

Pappa Penny

Claim to fame: The Shangaan disco king. Reality TV star of Penny Ahee. ANC councillor.

Hottest roast: ‘You know I was looking for my first-born for many years. I spent a lot of money. But today I am happy. Because it was Aka – Aka is a Shangaan name.’

Coldest shade: ‘I can’t believe Pappa Penny is a councillor in Limpopo. Now we are all surprised when there are no textbooks in Limpopo?’ – Joey Rasdien

Pearl Thusi

Claim to fame: Over 5m social media followers. Actress in Quantico and Catching Feelings.

Hottest roasts: To Pierre van Pletzen, who was a late cancellation: ‘We were going to have Oubaas from 7de Laan here. But it turns out he died in 1997 and no one noticed.’

Coldest shade: ‘I hear Quantico was cancelled after you were in it. With your talent, I’m surprised they haven’t cancelled the Roast already,’ – Mark Fish

Stream the uncensored version only at Showmax.

Disclaimer: The show you’re about to watch is not for sensitive viewers. It contains commentary littered with strong language, prejudice, personal insults, unsavoury references to participants’ family members, disagreeable body part comparisons, and much, much more. We’re being serious here: if you are under 18 or easily offended, this is not the show for you.  

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