Thando Thabethe reveals the truth as to why she left 5FM

She spilt the tea…

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For most of us, the Thabooty Drive Show on 5FM was one of the highlights of our day. About a month ago, host Thando Thabethe announced that she was leaving the show in order to focus on other projects.

Although the departure seemed rather sudden, Thando seemed to leave things on a good note, but we had no idea whats was happening behind the scenes. According to a Twitter thread that Thando posted on Tuesday, there were many factors that contributed to why she left the national radio station.

Thando broke her silence and said that after her annual review she was told that the Thabooty Drive Show was renewed for another year at 5FM. But when she tried to negotiate a raise and arrange two weeks off to shoot her new show Housekeepers she was told that her radio show was cancelled.

It was then spread around that she had asked for a 20% raise and she wanted to take six weeks off, which she denies. She was later told that the Thabooty Show does not fit into 5FM’s 2/5 year plan. She said that the rest of her team and her replacement was already told about this development before she was.

In the reshuffle, Thando was offered the Sunday graveyard shift from 4 am to 7 am, which she felt was an insult after 11 years on radio.

After a further back-and-forth between the station, the SABC and Thando, she decided that the best decision for her was to resign.

‘Long story short, I hope to now put this matter to rest & continue with my life. I can only appeal to the top management for the people responsible that being the programme and Station Manager to be held accountable,’ she concluded. 

DJ Fresh, who had his own problems with the SABC, said in response to Thando’s thread, ‘I tweeted that this will probably happen, the day after you “resigned”. Sad that the daytime lineup is more ALL MALE, than it was even 15 years ago!!!’

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