Somizi Responded to Comments that Mohale Isn't That Into Him

Can you’all stop talking nonsense about my ship?

Somizi Mhlongo has responded to the peanut gallery who were commenting that his fiance Mohale was just using him for his fame and fortune with an apt reply on Instagram.

It all began with Somizi’s reality show, Living the Dream with Somizi (which is currently the highest-rated reality show in South Africa) where viewers pointed out that Mohale wasn’t showing the Idols judge the same amount of affection as he was getting.

Viewers were v v v vocal about it on the Twitter streets:


While Somizi originally ignored the comments, a fan commented on one of his videos on Instagram and the choreographer replied to him.

The Instagram post:

A user commented with, ‘The people are not jealous they are only think Mohale is way too cold for someone whose level of excitement for marriage should be high.’

To which the star replied with, ‘I’ve been quiet for way too long about how I feel about people who are not even friends and family already assuming and dictating how my fiancé should love me and should react to certain things. All of you saying such, you don’t sleep next to me, you don’t wake up next to me. You don’t know how moody and cranky I become. You have never smelt my morning breath.’

‘Have you ever wondered why I was attracted to him in the first place? Have you thought about how I could never date my duplicate? How we are completely different people and personalities. How his calm demeanour turns me on. Have you ever considered the fact that I’m older and wise enough to know when I’m not truly loved? Have you ever? But qhubekani,’ he said.

Tbh, he isn’t wrong!

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