Sho Madjozi wants to open a music academy in her village

She is major goals!


International superstar, Sho Madjozi been an inspiration to aspiring musicians across the continent. She has since expressed her desire to create a music academy in her hometown of Shirley, in Limpopo.

Sho Madjozi was at the launch of the Bridges Music Academy in the Western Cape last week. At the launch, she spoke about the need to start something similar in Limpopo.

In an interview with Channel24, the John Cena singer said, ‘Every time something great happens in my career you have all people like the Minister of Arts and Culture and the minister of this and that saying, ‘now you’ve proved that it’s possible for a girl from Shirley Village to make it here’. And I’m like, ‘no, I haven’t’. It’s happened to me by sheer luck, chance, positioning and the opportunities that I’ve been able to have and it’s not possible for someone sitting in my village at the moment.’

She spoke on the privilege that she has, and how she would like to use it to better educate and upskill people from her community who are not as lucky.

‘I just decided that there has to be some kind of facility in my village that will teach people stuff about the entertainment industry, train them in technical skills and also give them some kind of experience.’

The rapper also said that she will be willing to sponsor a female student to attend Bridges Music Academy. She said that she’d ideally like to support a woman who is interested in learning technical production skills and she does not see a lot of female engineers in the music business.

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