Um, are Sarah Langa and Jehan Mackay getting a divorce?

Those cryptic tweets make sense now!

sarah langa divorce

It seemed like a match made in heaven, but apparently, it wasn’t meant to be. Breaking news over the weekend revealed that businessman Jehan Mackay has filed for divorce from influencer Sarah Langa.

According to Sunday World, the couple has been separated since September 2019 after two years and ten months of marriage. A source told the newspaper that Mackay had moved out of their marital home in Bryanston in September. The reason they gave was that Mackay was unhappy with her posting about him on social media as he is a very private person.

The source said that the two had an agreement that Sarah would have had to move out of their marital home by December, which she honoured.

Sunday World has seen their divorce summons, which says that their marriage disintegrated. ‘The marriage relationship between the parties has reached such a state of disintegration that there is no reasonable prospect of their marriage being restored and their marriage has accordingly irretrievably broken down in that the parties are incompatible and share no common interests,’ it said.

The couple were married out of community of property but their marriage contract offered Sarah R1 million for every year of their marriage, which means that he would pay Sarah just over R2.8million.

‘In the premises and by virtue of the provisions of the antenuptial contract, the plaintiff shall pay to the defendant the amount of R2,833,33.00 calculated from December 16 [2016]to 30 September 2019 [two years and 10 months], which amount shall be paid by him within six months of the grant of the decree of divorce,’ the divorce summons read.

A few weeks ago, Sarah tweeted about how marrying a spouse with money isn’t necessarily as glamorous as it seems to be, saying, ‘Paying the bills does not excuse you from treating a lady with respect. Don’t think you are more of a man when all you do is take care of the financial responsibilities but back home, you’re physically, emotionally or sexually abusive.’

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