Ryan Reynolds reacts to almost being crushed by fan mob in shocking video

Comic-Con is wild, man.

Ryan Reynolds Reacts to Almost Being Crushed by Fan Mob in Shocking Video
  • Ryan Reynolds was almost crushed by fans at Comic-Con in São Paulo after a barricade separating him from a crowd gave way.
  • Ryan can be seen jumping away from danger in videos shared by fans.
  • The actor said, ‘All I was worried about were the people that were—what you could tell is that they were falling.’

Ryan Reynolds hit up Comic-Con in São Paulo, Brazil, over the weekend and things got kinda intense. While promoting his new film Free Guy, a barrier separating our dude from the crowd gave way and quite literally almost crushed him.

Videos of the moment were captured on Twitter, where you can see Ryan leap back as fans come close to accidentally falling on him as they collapse over a barrier.

Here’s another angle where you can really tell how close Ryan came to getting injured:

Entertainment Tonight spoke to Ryan shortly after the incident, who said, ‘Well, ordinance collapsed and that was a little, I think it looked worse than it was. All I was worried about were the people that were—what you could tell is that they were falling, like, “Oh, they’re gonna be fine,” and it’s like, “Oh, but that leg is gonna go,” so I jumped out. But it was, yeah, everyone was fine.’

He added, ‘My only job that Blake said as I was leaving was, “Just come home in one piece.” So that was my only job.’

Truly, this is so scary-looking! Glad Ryan and his leg are okay.

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan US

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