Why the Queen broke royal protocol and let Princess Beatrice bring her fiancé on the Christmas walk

She gave him no notice and he fully panicked about his outfit.

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  • The Queen broke royal protocol and let Princess Beatrice’s fiancé, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, attend the annual Christmas walk.
  • Apparently Edo had literally zero notice to get ready and was fully panicking.

The royal family gathered for their annual Christmas walk in Sandringham this year and honestly I was too distracted by how cute Princess Charlotte and Prince George were to even notice anyone else. But Princess Beatrice showed up with her fiancé, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, and apparently this was a pretty big breach of royal protocol.

The Queen gives Edo the Christmas-walk go-ahead

Typically, the Queen only allows significant others to attend this event if they’re married into the royal family. Which makes sense—the walk is photographed by press, and said photos have historical significance. Would be kinda awkward to have a random boyfriend/girlfriend in the mix if the relationship didn’t end up lasting!

But apparently Her Majesty made an exception for Edo at the very last minute. According to The Daily Mail, he ‘faced a frantic time trying to prepare his wardrobe’ for the event since he had almost no notice, but still ended up looking pretty dashing:

queen, queen elizabeth, princess beatrice, royal family, celebs, walk, christmas, tradition

‘He’s lucky it’s slightly easier to pack a variety of suits than it is to find as many as ten dresses,’ a source said. ‘Still not that many men have more than ten different clean shirts hanging in the wardrobe, let alone that many different suits and a black- tie to hand at short notice.’

It’s thought that the Queen made an exception to her rule to show support to Beatrice, who’s been pretty stressed given the scandal surrounding her father, Prince Andrew. Note: the Queen also bent her rule for Meghan Markle when she accompanied Prince Harry on the Christmas walk in 2017. Kate Middleton, however, didn’t attend the traditional walk until she was married into the family.

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