Prince William and Kate Middleton Just Took a Commercial Flight to Scotland

Is this shade, or…???

In case you haven’t noticed, the way your favorite royals choose to fly has become a hot topic lately. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently came under fire for taking private jets on vacation, especially considering they’re very public about their climate change concerns. So naturally, people were like, “Hey, WTF?” But on the complete flip side, Prince William and Kate Middleton are avoiding this type of backlash by flying commercial. You know, like regular ol’ common folk. How refreshing!

Earlier today, Will and Kate were spotted on an early FlyBe commercial flight from Norwich, England to Aberdeen, Scotland, according to pictures obtained by the Daily Mail. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made it a family trip by bringing along George, Charlotte, Louis, and of course their nanny, Maria.

According to a passenger on the flight, there wasn’t a big spectacle surrounding Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their family being on the plane. In fact, they were really discreet and kept the whole thing super low-key. “The family were sat [sic] right at the front. I fly this route all the time and we were none the wiser. No one knew they were on the flight. Later on, I realized that Kate’s mother was sat [sic] a few rows in front of me,” the passenger said.

Although it’s not exactly clear why the Cambridges are in Scotland right now, it’s believed that they’re either there for a second summer vacay or they’re going to visit the Queen and Prince Philip at Balmoral Castle. Kensington Palace refused to provide any details about their trip, with a spokesperson of theirs saying, “We do not comment on what they do with their private time as a family.” Okay, we hear you!!

Before Will and Kate’s commercial flight took off, Meghan and Harry have had celebrities and friends defend their private jet usage. We don’t know if Will and Kate’s commercial flight was a dig at Meghan and Harry, but hey, at least they didn’t fly private.

This post originally appeared on Cosmo US.

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