Plot Twist, Nicki Minaj Hired Offset's Alleged Hookup to Be in One of Her Music Videos


Here’s a fun twist to the Offset/Cardi B cheating saga: it looks like Nicki Minaj, Cardi’s perpetual feud partner, hired the girl Offset allegedly hooked up with to be in her ‘FEFE’ video.

Quick context for you. Yesterday, Cardi posted a video saying that she and Offset had separated because they grew out of love. The internet put two and two together, saw some incriminating texts, and decided it was actually because he had hooked up with a model named Summer Bunni.

And then, the internet also discovered that Summer appeared in Nicki’s ‘FEFE’ video. Summer posted this on her Instagram way back in July when the video came out.

So like… is this just a crazy coincidence? Or did Nicki have some inkling of what was going on and hire Summer knowing she and Offset were hooking up?? The texts that leaked between Summer and Offset were from around the same time this music video came out, allegedly.

Plus, Nicki’s definitely done stuff like this before. For example, she hired the womenwho are currently suing Cardi B to be in a different one of her music videos (one of those girls allegedly also slept with Offset). It’s a very tangled web over here, guys.

Basically, Nicki’s recent hiring choices have been incriminating/pot stirring at best. So, feel free to take this new information and run with it.

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan US

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