Pete Davidson Calls Himself "Ugly Hot," Which Is Apparently a Thing

People are obsessed with “jolie laide.”

So it turns out Pete Davidson’s blond hair was not just for show. In his new Sundance flick Big Time Adolescence, Davidson plays Zekea 23-year-old stoner who hangs out all day with an impressionable 16-year-old (Griffin Gluck of American Vandal) and Machine Gun Kelly. Besides his complete lack of work ethic, Zeke is basically the SNL comedian and Ariana Grande ex to a T (he agrees, don’t @ me). But in order to transition from a flashback of Zeke at 16 to his older self, Pete had to transition from brunette to seedy blond. MOVIE MAGIC.

We only get one scene with teen Zeke, but we do get him calling himself “ugly hot,” which…I must protest.

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Anyways, here is the exchange:

Leaving the movie theater…

Zeke: I could do that. I could be an actor.

Sophie: You’re too ugly to act.

Zeke: But like ugly hot, like Steve Buscemi.

Hard disagree. Even so, the second he said this, I realized “ugly hot” might totally be a thing. Turns out there’s an actual French term that means “a person whose face is attractive despite having ugly features.” That phrase is “jolie laide” (jol·ie laide).

Can you believe? There are actually a ton of Tumblr posts and Pinterest boards dedicated to the concept. Among the most frequent famous faces mentioned:


Benedict Cumberbatch


Excuse me?


Eddie Redmayne




The Crown’s Matt Smith


That hair! Those eyes! I can’t!

Adrien Brody


Stop looking at me like that.


The list goes on, but personally I think all of these people are just hot hot. Fire emojis all around. Even for you, Pete Davidson.

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