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Khutso Theledi Shares Snaps of Her Bae

Khutso Theledi Shares Snaps of Her Bae

CELEBS Duchess Fergie Says the Media Tried to Do to Her and Diana What They're Doing to Meghan and Kate - COSMO | 13 February 2019 | 05:04pm

This woman vs woman media messaging has to stop!

CELEBRITY NEWS The Queen Reportedly Thinks Meghan Markle's Family Drama Is a "Nightmare" and Told Her So - COSMO | 13 February 2019 | 04:23pm

Meanwhile, Prince Harry is "angry" and "upset."

CELEBRITY NEWS True Thompson Looked Like a Burberry Nugget for Her 10-Month Birthday - COSMO | 13 February 2019 | 03:52pm

What were you even doing when you were 306 days old?

CELEBRITY NEWS Here's Why Hailey Baldwin Decided to Take Justin Bieber's Last Name - COSMO | 13 February 2019 | 03:00pm

She asked her dad for advice about it beforehand.

CELEBRITY NEWS Kim Kardashian Shared a Selfie of a Psoriasis Flare-Up on Her Face - COSMO | 13 February 2019 | 11:29am

In her words, it's "the sh*ts!"

CELEBRITY NEWS Miley Cyrus Walked the Red Carpet for Liam Hemsworth and Posted the Dirtiest Comments About Him - COSMO | 13 February 2019 | 10:52am

Poor Liam was too sick to attend his movie premiere!

CELEBRITY NEWS Kylie Jenner Fans Are Very Concerned That Something's Happened to Her Dog Norman - COSMO | 13 February 2019 | 10:33am

She got a new puppy this weekend, and people forgot

CELEBRITY NEWS Justin Bieber Is Reportedly 'Receiving Treatment' for Depression - COSMO | 13 February 2019 | 10:27am

'Justin seems down and tired'

CELEBRITY NEWS Um, Cardi B Just Deleted Instagram Following Drama with Nicki Minaj - COSMO | 13 February 2019 | 10:16am

But not before going on an epic rant

CELEBS Idols Winner Khaya Mthethwa and Ntando-Kunene Mthethwa Welcome a Baby Boy - COSMO | 12 February 2019 | 08:06pm

Happy birthday little Oyinkosi Mthethwa!

CELEBS AKA Takes Time to Meet With Wits University Students - COSMO | 12 February 2019 | 07:59pm

What will he do next?!

CELEBRITY NEWS Fans Are Worried That Lady Gaga and Her Fiancé Have Broken Up After Her Grammys Appearance - COSMO | 12 February 2019 | 04:26pm

Let's examine the evidence, shall we?