North Was the Most Lit at Kanye West’s Concert Yesterday and Totally Stole the Show

Giving the people what they want!

Northday West
  • North West was the star of Kanye West’s latest Sunday Service, as per usual.
  • Kim Kardashian posted videos of North singing and dancing at the concert yesterday (and if you’re confused, yes, Kayne held a Sunday Service on a Friday).

It’s clear that North West is destined to be a star—not only is her dad Kanye West (duh), but we’ve already seen that she’s *very* comfortable performing. Nori has been stealing the show at Ye’s Sunday Services (like literally stealing by grabbing herself a mic and moving it center stageon multiple occasions!), making videos with her mom Kim Kardashian and fave Jojo Siwateaching her brother how to sing, and bringing the dance moves. So like, girl knows how to work the spotlight!

And if you needed more proof, Kim just posted some videos from Kanye’s concert in Detroit yesterday, and North was singing her heart out—she even knew all of the words to the songs! I mean, she wasn’t mic’ed up like all of the other singers (lol), but still, it’s super cute:


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Northie singing at today’s ‘Sunday Service’!

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Ugh and her missing front tooth I can’t! ?


North was also jumping around the stage, following the choreography with the other singers, and not missing a lyric, which is pretty impressive for a five-year-old. Plus, she didn’t seem to mind that there was a big crowd, cause clearly she recognizes her own talent and knows that she’s meant to be on a stage.

So while I know that there’s a lot of excitement about Kanye’s “Jesus Is King” album dropping soon, can I please request some original North tracks? It’s what the people really want!

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