Nomuzi 'Moozlie' Mabena Confirms the Viral Car-Crash Video Was Staged

Fans are not impressed with the campaign.

The rapper and media personality Nomuzi Mabena has confirmed that the devastating car crash video posted on social media at 11pm on Thursday night was staged. The disturbing video showing Mabena in a shocking car crash flooded Twitter late last night. The video published on Instagram Live shows the rapper detailing her plans to record music in 2019 while driving. During the video, a screeching sound is heard after which a cracked window screen is seen and the video ends.

Nomuzi Mabena Confirms the Car Crash Was Staged

Speculation on the authenticity of the video emerged overnight, however, Mabena’s publicist Kim Sineke, who spoke to COSMO earlier on Friday, said they were waiting for more information.

Mabena took to social media after hours of silence to reveal the #MonatiWaFela Drive Dry campaign run by Volkswagen and Drive Dry. The tweet said, ‘We wanted to spark a dialogue between South Africans on how we condone and respond to people who choose to drink and drive, especially among the youth. We hope to inspire as many drivers as possible to make this change.’

Watch the video detailing the campaign and how the car crash was staged below.

There have been mixed reactions from the public regarding the ethics of the campaign. Many have criticised the campaign for being reckless and unethical. Mabena issued a statement explaining her reasoning for backing this campaign: ‘Our intention was never to distress any fans, friends or family. For just these few hours for people to pause and think, what if this was the reality? I give my all to my fans and I had to do something to get people to sit up and notice. We were willing to risk it all to drive home this critical message. If this saves one life, then we were successful and I would do it again.’


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