Did Nicki Minaj Just Marry Her Controversial Boyfriend, Kenneth Petty?

Uhhhh. 👀

  • Nicki Minaj just changed her Twitter handle and now her fans are convinced she’s married.
  • Nicki is dating Kenneth Petty, who is controversial because he’s a registered sex offender.

Nicki Minaj just released the instantly iconic ‘Hot Girl Summer’ track with Megan Thee Stallion, she might’ve reignited her feud with Cardi B after she appeared to drag her for not being one of the top 50 rappers of all time, and now she’s in the news again. This time, it’s because some of her fans are convinced she just married her boyfriend, Kenneth Petty, who is pretty controversial.

For those who haven’t been keeping up with Nicki’s love life, she’s been dating Kenneth since December, but they also dated for a bit when they were younger. According to TMZ, Kenneth is a registered sex offender who spent nearly four years in prison for first-degree rape. (Nicki has publicly defended him and said he was 15 at the time and the girl he allegedly assaulted was 16 and they were in a relationship.) Years after Kenneth was released, he went back to prison after being convicted of first-degree manslaughter.

Now that you have the lowdown on Kenneth, here’s why fans are convinced they just got married: While Nicki was talking on her Queen Radio podcast earlier this week, she said that she and Kenneth re-filed for a marriage license after their first one expired. She explained, ‘[We] filed for the marriage license and we still had to pick it up and I was travelling, by the time I came back, we had to renew it again. From that time, you have 90 days to get married. That was about a week ago, so now I have about 80 days.’

And yesterday, Nicki changed her Twitter name to Mrs. Petty.

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Naturally, her fans are freaking out and think this means that she got married before the license expired, again.

That said, Nicki won’t have a big wedding just yet because she’s working on a new album. On her podcast, she added, ‘We’ll do the big wedding later. I’ll be married before my album comes out, but will have my wedding after the album comes out.’

What. A. Year.

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